Orchids for Amateurs

Orchid Demonstration Schedule

"Orchids-R-Easy" - All Weekend Long

  • All day Saturday and Sunday Demonstrations
  • First Demonstration will begin at 11:00
  • Demonstrations will start every hour on the hour
  • Last demonstration of the day begins at 3:00

Top growers from the South Bay Orchid Society will be demonstrating how to repot your orchids, discussing all basic growing issues, and answering your questions. This is for the novice/beginner. You will learn to be a better and more successful orchid grower by the time you leave our show.

  • What questions to ask when buying
  • Where to put your orchids
  • How much light
  • When to water
  • How and when to fertilize
  • What temperatures they can withstand
  • How often they need to be repotted
  • What pots to use
  • What media to put in the pot
  • What to do about those roots
  • How to mount and grow bare root orchids
  • How to protect against pests





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