Orchids for Amateurs

Orchid Demonstration Schedule

"Orchids-R-Easy" - Classes all weekend

  • All day Saturday and Sunday Demonstrations
  • First Demonstration will begin at 11:30am
  • Demonstrations will continue throughout the day
  • Last demonstration of the day begins at 3:00

Top growers and experts from the South Bay Orchid Society will be demonstrating how to repot your orchids, mount your orchids, discuss all basic growing issues, and answer your questions. These calsses are for the novice/beginner. You will learn to be a better and more successful orchid grower by the time you leave our show. There is no addtitional cost to attend the class it's included with your entry fee to the show.

  • What questions to ask when buying
  • Where to put your orchids
  • How much light
  • When to water
  • How and when to fertilize
  • What temperatures they can withstand
  • Which orchids should be mounted
  • How often they need to be repotted
  • What pots to use
  • What media to put in the pot
  • What to do about those roots
  • How to mount and grow bare root orchids
  • How to protect against pests
  • How to buy an orchid





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